A freezing day ,dated 30 DEC 2006.(reality of my life)

This is the post excerpt.

This is my life story which i need to share with u all .my name is shantanu mishra ,a man full of dream and positivity ,lived in kanpur,Uttarpradesh,INDIA.
Now I am 30yrs old; but at the age of 19 (the age to achieve a lot) I just completed my hotel management.


On 30 DECEMBER 2006,There was a cold morning and also a freezing day for me, time was 9:00AM, I had a bike ride for 30Km approx. Suddenly i felt a strong sensation in my whole body while riding.suddenly I stopped my bike at the roadside and had a tablet of VICKS action500 with tea from nearby teastall.

After some rest ,I restart my bike with confidence, but a little way passed i realized the same feel again and I losting my grip over my bike and due to realizing this critical situation, i decided to get back home as soon as possible but on the way to my home,at the traffic signal i need to stop my bike,but unfortunatly i was unable to do so because my right foot was on the break ,but not working and becoming like freezed and twisted down .rather that with the help of my left leg i reached to nearer PCO. I made a first call to my friend and secondly to my father but i was feeling that something is happening to my body, at that time i feel like my lower portion from down to neck was becoming zero perhaps people looked At me and with the purpose to help me, they took me to the nearby hospital named,BHARGAV NURSING HOME.but my badluck was already started,thatswhy there was not even a single one doctor presented at that time to treat me. I become unconcious for 4-5minute ,local people found my father’s visiting card from my wallet and they ring my parents to pass the information about this incident,after some time they reached at hospital .

When my parents reached to the hospital, the time was 10:30am and I was treated by drip of glucose only and doctors advised me for MRI.My parents decided to get me up to nearby SURAJ Hospital ,but from there doctor reffered me to KMC HOSPITAL,where Dr.RAJIV KENT and PUNEET AGGARWAL attended me but due to several bottle of glucose my body becomed fluffy and people was thinking that i was getting fatty, after some days passed my body’s fluffyness shrinked and I become thin ,and due to this circumstancies between just 15days i had a bedsore on my hip area and doctors advised to took me up to my home because the treatment is allmost completed and they prescribe for daily exercise.

My fastfriend Mr.sourabh chorasiya and my father tried for a specialist advice from dr.NIRMAL PANDEY but unfortunatly and due to my badluck they were unable to meet doctor because he was out of India to attend some medical confrence.

Now my parents and family friends decided again to take one more chance at PGI LUCKNOW ,and we reached there,where DR.PRADHAAN attended me and after a full checkup he told us that “whatever dose is very essential for me between very first 15days was not given to me yet and the time was barded”because i already passed 40 -45 days And after that dr.Pradhaan told us to take a chance again for that very dose and started that perticular treatment(that was may be a course of 24 injection).

But again due to my badluck ,after 2-3 injection ,my body was not responding and that particular dose reacted me,like a very high fever(105 degree),shivering in my body and a type of small white ulcer at the chest area. because of these type of reactions doctors stopped that particular treatment.and whatever i was eating as my diet,was getting out in the form of fluff from those bedsore. and the doctors started to cure those bedsore beside of treating me of my acutual disease.

At that time the JUNIOR DOCTORS’S OF PGI ,disappointed me by opening my bedsore without any permission and knowledge ,and when they were unable to understand, how to dress,they leave my bedsore openly.that was a really very bad situation for me .against of this act ,DR .pradhaan got violently anger upon those juniors .

Dr.pradhaan declair the accutal disease from which i was suffering named(G.B.SYNDROME WITH MYELOPATHY ) and told us about this ,that both G.B.Syndrome and myelotis it happens very rearly in one person ,from which i am suffering and ensured us that watever treatment is possible through neurologhy was already applyed and nothing would be rest to be treated and now they adviced my parents to took me up to home or apply plastic surgery at those bedsore .on that very time the counting of those bedsore become 13 .

My doctors decided to discharge me but at that time my family was really faceing a crisise regarding finance also ,my father was very upset and after a meet with me,he came out and sit outside the PGI hospital for a while and searching for a solution. at that very time his phone rings ,and accidentally there was a call of one of his very good friend, my father attended the call and made him know about my disease only ,nothing else and that uncle show his cunsern at the back of anger and said to my father,”I am sending you something by hand with a faithful person and you have to except that”like this way every friend ,each one of my father’s friend, help a lot .This type of friendship is very rare to see in the world. We all are really very thankful to all of them.

Now I was transfered from PGI LUCKNOW TO R.K.DEVI HOSPITAL ,KANPUR. Where DR.ASHUTOSH BAJPIEE start his treatment of those only bedsores beside of my accutual disease. after some day doctor told my father about my only treatment of bedsore was going on as well as there was a symtoms of infection also, and my main disease is still as it is.and the treatment of only bedsore would be done at home also ,so that we have to get back to our house and better is to discharged.

Now we were at home and my dressing of bedsore was a part of life thrice a day and the tempreature of my body was always still constant on 105 degree +shivring all the time.and i was unable to eat a little bit because of the feel of vomit while seeing the food.

Dr.ashutosh bajpiee and Dr.navneet both came to my house to see me .and suggested for exercise also.after some days passed i was living just like of using double double blankets in summer and like of coolers in winter. after some month passed ,there was a winter season,My lovable sir MR.JAY KUMAR came with his family ,they came from CHENNI to KANPUR only to meet me and they gave me more power and strength by there prayers and with lots of blessing and cards and gifts sended by friends of my college and church. I felt very happy to saw all of them one more time in front of me. really i am always be very much thankful to all of them for there kind care and support.

I passed my futher two years with 105 degree fever and shivring in my body ,just for expecting a positive response.My parents used to study some ayurvedic books to take a chance and started following with some ayurvedic medicine,because of these medi dose my fever and shivring become down and i started eating of little bit and the time passed.my parents applyed homeopathy medicine also on me.whoever came to see me and advice ,my parents starts following them only with the hope of positive responce. Everybody started experiment on me and between all of them i was just hoping better for me with seeking eyes. but again the symtoms of nagativity appears and the flexibility of my body becomes tightern. The way of dressing these 13 bedsore held the same and the only thing passed is TIME.”approximatly five big years”.

In the year 2011 all my bedsore got cured and me also become quite healthy (healthy means as it is like before stage) then before but the main thing was the pelvic portion of right leg got infected and because of those bedsores in my whole back body like(2 bedsore was in knees,2 are in legs,2 are in elbows,2 are in hip area,1 was in back of chest area and 1 was in tail area) injured badly.my hands,legs and spinal cord become rigorous and bended because of this tightness i was unable to sit.we went many places to consult many doctors but we were unable to found any type of positive responce.

OUT OF ALL I LEARNED HOW TO USE MOBILE (ANYRIOD PHONE) WITH MY TONGUE.and due to my this special quality i was able to search and study about my disease and i was able to keep me in touch of many social sites and my friends also.This would feel me closer to my friends also.

due to some family problems only the routeen treatment are taking place. may be my parents dissappears,and at that time nobody used to restart the treatment beside of that particular routeen and i also does’t want any new experiment upon me.

Some more time passed . In 2014 AN AYURVEDIC DOCTOR,DR.GOYAL FROM KANPUR analysises my disease and prescribe some medicine for use.also he made a meet to some more doctors in LUCKNOW for the purpose of my that particular infection.and they all had a deep checkup of my that infected area and prescribe some more medicine to take ,but again my badluck i had, not even a single one persent of relief.

In 2015,i went to DELHI, where my family doctor, DR.ASHOK GUPTA OF ORTHOPATIC, promised me that ,he will made be able to sit properly on the chair.but the main thing was, my thigh area was very week to have any operating treatment .so he advised me to take proper diet to become little stronger . during that time period we went to AIIMS also,where doctors refused me to take even a single one look or attend.and we got back to kanpur.

now i started take care of my diet and health to become stronger then before and after a long period of two years again my family doctor Dr.Ashok Gupta reached kanpur to saw me and analysised that now i was quite healthy to be operated and he told me that he will try his level best ,and by operating treatment of my legs area,he will made be able to sit on the wheelchair and he asked me to arrive Delhi soon. We went for Delhi after 15 days where Dr.Ashok had a full checkup of my body and made a team of orthopadic Doctors to study my case history and desided to first operate a bone of left thigh .

Next day they cut the bone of my left thigh so that my left leg became straight as well as after 5 day they done the same with my right leg so that we saw the result and my both legs become straight positively.but the main infection was same as before.and my Doctor refused to operate that particular infected area because there was a chances of risk of life, but I want to remove this infection at any cost so , I myself prepared me and my parents to take a chance and had a talk to my Dr.Ashok Gupta .He told us about every nagative point either they had to cut my right leg or a risk of life too if they occupy an operation, but we were agreed for any result beside this to remove my leg.I request my doctor for trying there level best to remove the infection either of removing my leg and lets handle whatever would be happend after my this serious operation. I was ready for everything now.

Dr.Ashok gupta first consult to there Doctors team and they were also agreed for this operation. after two days they operate me and by the grace of God and my experinced doctor the operation were successful. but that particular infection was not fully removed .Now my doctor told me ,if that infected area release some fluff ,it indicates that infection is not fully removed either if it gets dry was a indication of removel of infection.

After some days my doctor and my father’s friend ordered for a wheelchair according to my comfort and after 15days of remaining treatment my doctor discharged me and i got back to kanpur again According to my doctor advice i have to sit on wheelchair daily and he told me that i’ll not get any problem during this routeen as well as i started physiotheraphy of my legs and arms too but my legs are becoming tightern ,may be due to this but i continue my routeen of sitting on wheelchair and physiotharephy because i feel quite good by this routeen…………..

One more year about to pass. And i ami still the same as before.

God knows what is in my mystery box of life. But i am positive and waiting for a miracle.




16 thoughts on “ A freezing day ,dated 30 DEC 2006.(reality of my life)

  1. DADA dont worry..
    We r always with u..
    Love u alot..
    U knw the best quality in u is u always smile..
    Which is vry god for heath..
    Soo dont ever think about ur past..or incident hpped..just#FORGET…LOVE U ALOT DADA..

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  2. Mai sach btau tumhri story padh kar mujhe tum pr proud hone lga h.. Mujhe proud h tumhri family pr, jinhone inti negativity k bawzood har nhi mani… Or wo kosis krte rahe.
    Wow u r sach a Real Hero…. I m sure tum bhut jadi thik jaoge..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bhai u are very strong… And our dear uncle and aunty have really done everything they could… I really am inspired by their dedication towards ur betterment… U will be alright .. I wish u come to ahmedabad and meet us all normal ekdum…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My bro you r my real HERO,bcz I never seen person which is having that much will power,and my buaa ji and fufa ji also unique due to there dedication towards you,wish to see you in GWALIOR,and have fun soon,

    Liked by 1 person

  5. U r really a worrior, a fighter,sach me bhaia u r so strong that u have dealed with it,a real star shinning star,we r always with u & u r always in my prayers,i wish soon the time of suffering for u to end,keep smiling dada


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