Most of the dreams-we may think about it,but they don’t work out.so we don’t have to be the best, don’t try to be the best.infact be the first. Be the first to change,be the first to take challenge.be the first one to over come the difficulties.because to be the best person-there is only one olympic champions. I don’t think that i am lucky enough to be that,but i can always try the new things.and don’t give up because we are truly unique.everybody is unique,being yourself is always the key.

The world is full of opportunities.this world ,today is full of challenges and opportunities.it depends on how we look at it.somebody looks at this challenges as an opportunities.because it always lies in the way of challenges.if we can solve these challenges we will be successful.

The bigger challenge we solve,the bigger opportunity we have.hope fr the best


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