Simple but effective.

Everybody knows but never keep in there mind.like

Be seated thoughtly.and feel ,from over birth to maturity ,only two people are there,in our life who is doing throughout efforts and sacrifices there comfort and many more ,only for there childrens and there progress,success ,in every second of there life.

Yes our parents,our maa and papa .

Yes i am talking about our mother and father.with due respect we have to take care of them also.

Some time we get the hardest and toughest situation in our life .be brave ,No matter how challenging is the situation, we must maintain our peace and calm, be positive and never give up!!!

Nothing is permanent, everything is constantly changing!!!, be silent and observe thoughts are arisen in our mind, wave after wave.

Life is full of hopes. Embrace change with positive vibes!

So never lose hope.and always keep in mind that God will definatly heel our pain and he is always with us in the picture of our parents.

We love u maa and papa.stay blessed always.


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