A lot of life lesson we can learned from surrounding.

Everyone is our great teacher.

We must be humble and polite no matter how high is our position, how wealthy we are, how knowledgeable we are, how great we are….

A simple example from nature, when you check out the rice plant during harvest time, all bend down humbly. A great reminder to us, be humble!!!

If you are thinking you are more superior than others, the more humble you need to be. Why not greet people with a smile and happy morning to our security guard, cleaner in office, postman, garbage collector, gardener and any folk of life. A genuine smile can break the wall, giving warmth and hope to other’s life.

There is meaningless to show off how wealthy you are with all luxurious material stuffs. Why not using your wealth to ease people suffering and bring big smiles to others.

Instead of using your intelligent in unwholesome activities in order to get rich fast by cheating, bribing, fault accusation, causing suffering in other’s life and other negative deeds. Why not use your wisdom to help and guide others toward the path of awakening?

No one is more superior!!!

Be gratitude with what you have and continuously to share your wealth, knowledge, loving kindness, compassion with all beings!

Be humble ,be kind, be loving!!!!


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