Gratitude towards everything & everybody.

Gratitude, I believe, works the same way, with the ability to change the world. At the very least, it certainly changes YOUR personal world as it changes your perspective. Have you ever wondered how two people in similar circumstances can have such different outlooks and attitudes to life? I would argue gratitude plays an important role.

Gratitude is, put very simply, an attitude of being grateful. We can be grateful for just about anything. The air we breathe, a comfortable bed, food in your belly, clothes to wear, loved ones, the sun shining, your favourite song coming on the radio as you drive to work, a bird singing outside the window and the list goes on.

We can even turn many of our gripes around to express our gratitude.

Be gratitude is one of the important practice in life. Never assume that you can get anything as “must”, always remember that no one “owe” us anything. Always express your appreciation to those people who are helping you even though you are paying a fee to them. A simple and genuine gratitude from heart is simple and yet a good positive vibes to brighten other’s day.


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