Thinking deeply. At bottom of my heart.

Where is God? for me He is in our hope..We pray because we hope for something with our heart coz we feel, we desreve it even if chances are 0.01% .. But when we realise we can’t get it 100% than we lose our hope and stop you are only thesit until your hope is alive in you…because there is two different childhood therory…..: Probabilty sum can never resulted into negative…But i got some negative results of probablilty but still recouting ….i dont have doubt about satastic rules but because theory of karma saying do your deeds you will get desired result… lets see whats gonna happen…

But one think is very true is this,when We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imprefect person perfectly….we….

Here is Some new lines..
When i see you, i feel i am seeing Goddess of universe..
Your black eyes like black halls once i have fallen in it & still i am lost..
Your shining face as beautiful as full moon in starry night..
You are the rain which can make my deserted heart to fertile land…
You are the sea where my all thoughts want to meet in..
You are chippring bird whose sweet voice i always want to hear…
You are the rainbow whose presence makes my life happy & colorful…
You are proof of law of gravity because you always dragging me towards you..
In short You are the heartbeat of this heart ….soo…..again …same thinking….same words



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