I needed peace in my life too. I desperately need it. We all do.

Recently I shared an update on my health and fitness life. Since posting that update, I’ve been feeling the need to expand on a portion of it. A very crucial part. The foundation of my life.

I gave a brief overview of my routine, I wanted to emphasize just how important this is in my life and how much peace it brings to my heart, body and soul.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have been extremely blessed in so many ways but having said that…I have a life, I have a family,, so There’s a reason my focused word this year is FLEXIBILITY. If I’m not flexible and adapt to the situations that come up, I become anxious, irritable, impatient.

My heart, my body, my soul is at peace when I intentionally pursue it.

The pursuit of peace will look different for everyone but I guarantee we all need it…but the biggest problem is we’re not all aware that we need it or we don’t all admit that we need it. We do life in a survival mode. We get through it. But at the end of the day, are you truly happy. True happiness does not come from your spouse, your kids, your job, pets, possessions, or anything else that this world has to offer. True, down to your core, happiness comes from within. If it’s not there, we feel it. If it’s missing, every other aspect of our life can suffer.

Some of us become aware of this void, this absence in our life, at an early age. Others it might take a years of living a mediocre life to realize that there’s just something wrong.

Whatever it is, whenever it happens, don’t ignore it. Listen to it. Look for it. And don’t stop until you’ve found. And, believe me, you will know when you have found it.

To help you on your journey to a peaceful life, I’m sharing the changes I’ve made in my own life that have helped me reach the point of feeling an inner peace in my life. These aren’t secrets. It’s not anything you haven’t already heard. And by no means do you have to do all these things every single day…I don’t, I can’t and when I try to, I lose the balance in my life.

1. Focus on a higher power. Yes, God. Find this relationship and grow it, mold it, let it flourish. Read His word and make it your own. The wonderful thing is you don’t need a “formal education” to get so much out of reading His word. This is as simple as reading a verse or a chapter or a story and just writing down what it means to you or the message you get from it or even just a word or two that stuck out to you. Speak to him. Yes prayer, but really just talk. You don’t need to quote verses or revert back to accepted prayers. Be honest and speak truths. You can’t imagine how much will flow out of you when you just let it. Send it out and leave it for Him.

2. Love. Oh my goodness, I can’t even say this enough. I’m 100% an advocate for love. Replace hate in your life with love. Replace anger with love. Replace jealousy, hurt, fear, pain, replace all of it with love. Love yourself, love others, love the earth, love the sky, love the universe. Love as much as you can as often as you can.

3. Meditate. There is so much noise and negativity enveloping us every single day. Take time to escape it. Take time to be silent. Take time to breath. Start with just one minute. Move up to five minutes and then ten and then just sit in this place for as long as your heart tells you you need to. Enjoy it. Let it bring calm to your soul in a world full of positivity.

4. Smile. Practice being happy. Sometimes it takes so much work but all good things take work. Resolve to choose happiness over anger, sadness, bitterness, resentfulness, jealousy, fear. One of the most important tools you have is your smile. Use it and use it often.

5. Sleep. Rest. Rest your mind. Rest your body. Give yourself the opportunity to heal and to rejuvenate. Give yourself sufficient time to let your body take care of you. Give yourself time to wind down before you sleep. Let your mind rest so your body can more easily rest.

6. Spend your time thoughtfully. What is taking up your time? TV? Facebook? Instagram? Write down how your spending your time for a week or even a day. Be honest. And decide if the things that are taking up your time are also benefiting your mind, your body, and your soul.

7. Surround yourself with supportive people. You don’t have to let anyone into your life. They have to prove that they deserve a place in your world. Iron sharpens iron and negativity feeds off negativity.When I’m not at peace, I revert back to my basic questions. Some days it’s easier than others. Sometimes I feel the need to dwell in this place of negativity and self-destruction for a while. But eventually I do find my way out and then I can ask myself:and try to convert it into positivity.

Because i eventually realised that i have to be positive every time ,every day.and the good think is that I AM POSITIVE.AND I KNOW I CAN AND I WILL REACH TO MY SUCCESS ONE DAY ! DEFINATELLY!


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