Get ride off some thought

Lets leave the hard time and lets think about a positive thought .today I read a good sharing, here you go:

” My friend told me a joke, I laughed to tears. He told me the same joke again and I laughed but not as hard. He kept repeating the joke and I stopped laughing. He said, “If you can’t laugh at the same joke over and over again, why do you keep crying over people who hurt you over and over again?”

How profound!!!

Why are you holding grudges?

Why not let go the past and move forward?

Why are we constantly hurting ourselves without realisation?

Stop it? Throw away all your burden, live life in light!!!but keep one thing in your mind.

💖Once you lose them it is never exactly the same person who comes back💖

And one more thing Focus on your potential, instead of your limitations, and then succeed at being that.

You can!you will !get ur goal.


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