My light is my words, my peace, my prayers and although I don’t know where I am going I know that it is done with love and light. “a holy moment: being why God created me to be in that moment.” I have had many holy moments, what I need to work on is recognizing them and embracing them. My holy moments exist when I am engaging with others in meaningful ways and when I am able to share my passion of helping others to make a difference in someone’s life. My most holy moments are when I empower someone to discover their own truth and live their passion with confidence. So, 3 years of waiting, 3 years (and maybe more) of crying out, of looking for answers, for directions, it appears that in a way that I didn’t recognize God has been faithful to my thoughts, desires, prayers. The path has been far from straight, sometimes I think I am nowhere and then I land somewhere. I think the somewhere is right here. I think faithfulness is all of this, it is the journey it is God saying “come follow me” and I follow. He has equipped me, he has equipped you. We just need to be open to the sound of Joy and peace, kindness and goodness that is being shared with us by others. These gifts are shared from you to me and me to you and then we are patient, twice.

It is difficult to believe in faithfulness in the world we live in when loyalty lasts as long as your likes or follows. When we get discouraged in our journey we can begin to think ‘why even try, this isn’t going to work I’ll never ….’ But we don’t necessarily see the whole picture when we are looking at just the corner of the shot, resting in the moment can give us perspective. Looking back as I did can encourage us to stay faithful to Him. Sit in that for a little while. In the silence we know God. In our need we know Him. When we wait and sit and listen, when we feel the silence, feel His presence—and then sit a little longer, wait a little longer we become inspired and we receive God’s power and his mercy. That’s where we need to live, and that’s where our love and light will shine. Stay faithful to the silence.



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