Vipul’s Engagement ❣️

Life brings us as many joyful moments as it does downfalls, and although there are days we wish there was a manual to follow, it simply wouldn’t be the same without the spontaneity. And the name coming up in my thoughts right now is my loving DIVYA DIDI. she is one of my family,relatives and wellwishers.who always incorrage me with full support.I really appreciate her kindness and love towards all of us.

Because the journey of my life may not become easier as i grow older, but i do seem to understand it better as our perspectives and evolve of my family and my wellwishers to create myself much graceful and positive. Whether some time i was thinking about my past life when i was embarking on a new adventure right out of school or when i want to explore different paths in my life, but it’s never too late to change what the future looks like.
Some of our relative can inspire and motivate me through out my whole life. It is a fabulous way to gain a new perspective from the experience of others that have gone before me.Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.and the most important thing in our life which i always think about is ,trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing it can be for myself.

Through out at the special occasions of my brother’s engagement ceremony ,our whole .MISHRA family,relatives and friends met together with full enjoyment and fun.I really appreciate this function because of this family function we all met together.

Dear vipul, may both of you forever be blessed with love, joy, happiness, health and a long life together. Happy engagement my brother. It is so beautiful and inspiring to see such an amazing couple getting engaged.

Engagement comes with a new responsibilities not even our own responsibilities but the responsibilities of your partner too. So wish you luck for your future.

And now,today we all are going to participate in the wedding ceremony of my brother VIPUL AND ROSHNI. May God bless you with happiness and prosperity till whole your life .

always stay happy together…..,❣️