Happy promise day

हँसता हुआ चेहरा हमारी शान
बढ़ाता है मगर…हँसकर किया हुआ
कार्य हमारी पहचान बढ़ाता है

❣️Determine everyday that i myself is in a battle of life and the winner will be your heart.because your daily prayer always made me strong enough to survive.❣️
One more thing , today i want to promise you  and with myself also is……

Dear me,

I’m gonna make you so proud one day. I promise you that I’ll never give up, never lose hope, always have patience  with positivity and realize that today I’m one step closer to my dreams than I was yesterday with new possibilities.❣️

It will all be worth it.


Your and my future self.✍❣️


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