Only one step🌺

🌺One step can start a journey

🌺One song can change a moment,

🌺One smile can start a friendship,

🌺One hug can lift a soul,

🌺One candle can wipe out darkness,

🌺One life can make a difference,

🌺One word can start a prayer,

🌺One hope will lift a spirit,

🌺One touch can show your care,

🌺One thought can change your mind,

🌺One emotion can convert your mood,

Only one, 🌺🌺🌺

So try to be that only one positive step towards

you🌺,your life🌺,

For you🌺,for us.🌺


2 thoughts on “Only one step🌺

    1. Thoughts have great power. Positive thoughts destroy disappointment, sadness and discontentment by giving rise to feelings of purity, divinity and joyousness.
      May u always bloomes like 🌹


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