Total lockdown

Jaan hai toh jahan hai.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given an address to his country. He announced he’s putting India’s 1.3 billion residents under lockdown as fears of the coronavirus spread in India.

Jaan hai toh jahan hai (the world exists only when we live),” he said, recalling a Hindi idiom to stress on the significance of his appeal.

He’s saying there, quote, “this is to save India, to save every Indian. To save you, to save your family, there will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes.” Now, this may be the most Draconian lockdown anywhere in the world so far.

But for me ,i had been locked down since 13 year of my life ,on bed at one place,no matter how long it would be . Anyways take me as a example and please you all lock yourself and your family to be safe and secured.being positive i knew it is quite tough for you all people.but please follow this .

 While staying at home, remember and pray for people who are working while putting their lives at risk. Remember the doctors, nurses, paramedics, pathologists who are working day and night to save lives, hospital admn, ambulance drivers, ward boys, serving others in these tough times.
Pray for people who are working to sanitise your society and neigbourhoods, roads and public places to ensure complete eradication of the virus. You must also think about the media persons who are working 24 hours, by staying on roads and going to hospitals, to give you correct information.
I know Lockdown of 21 days is a long time, but this is important for us and our family’s safety. I believe that every Indian will not only successfully tackle this challenge but also emerge victorious in this time of crisis.
Stay safe,save life,be positive……..


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