Wedding anniversary of parents is a celebration of their love both for each other and also for their children. It is a great blessing to have such loving parents, who are celebrating anniversary of their marriage. Our mom and dad deserve the big thanks for the hard work and devotion to our family.Because of you two, I’ve learned what true love is made of for our childrens and others too. My parents are God for us,they sacrifice much more for myself and my siblings also, they are the only reason I am surviving and struggling with my disease. Moreover I Can’t imagine a
greater life lesson.

Every anniversary is a big deal! Whether it’s the newlyweds’ first year of wedded bliss, or a such 36th party for evergreen adorable sweethearts, love is always a great reason to celebrate. With you two as parents, I’ll always feel like the luckiest kid ever!
Thanks for showing me year after year what it takes to make love last.
I’m extremely proud of you two. You’ve made me believe that marriage is something that will work if two people really love each other.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for setting an extraordinary example of lifelong love.


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